About us

About us

Global Castings is a leading component supplier for the wind turbine industry. The company is specialized in the serial production of large cast products for the on- and off-shore markets incl. CNC-machining and metal finishing as well as subassembly offerings according to customer specifications. The international footprint with three foundries and three surface treatment facilities in Europe and China is ideally positioned to serve its customers worldwide.

We develop new concepts and technologies for the benefit of our customers and the environment, contributing to the sustainable growth of the wind energy sector.


Global Castings is led by an Executive Board consisting of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and a Chief Operating Officer (COO).


Stefan Brandt (CEO) leads the Executive Board and is responsible for Key Account Management & Marketing, Sourcing / Purchasing, Human Resources and IT.

Ina Hannen (CFO) is responsible for Accounting & Controlling, Finance, Legal-, Compliance- and Risk-Management.


Peter Pallishøj (COO) is responsible for Manufacturing, Technology incl. product and process engineering, Quality Management and Health, Safety & Environment.

Our Vision

We want to be the preferred solution provider of large casted components to the Wind Industry worldwide. We contribute to CO2 reduction in the world for the benefit of future generations.

Our Mission

Global Castings provide reliable and cost effective casted solutions to the Wind Industry through innovation and operational excellence.
We partner with our customers to reduce cost of energy in the Wind Industry.

Our Strategy

Our strategy has 3 pillars: To facilitate and support our business partners in delivering solid wind solutions. To discover and develop new technologies for the benefit of our customers and the environment. To contribute to a profitable, organic and sustainable growth in the wind sector.

Our History

Global Castings history is made up of Scandinavian and German companies focused on iron castings and machining. The machining division originates from Vestas Wind Systems A/S and was created in the 1970’s.

Our Swedish foundry in Guldsmedshyttan has a long and rich history dating back to 16th century producing the majority of cannon balls for the Swedish King. It truly became a modern foundry in 1868 with a blast furnace and later in 1905 with the first permanent mold foundry. It continued developing during the 20th century and entered the wind supply market in the 1980’s.

The History of Global Castings

  • The early days

    Silver and iron mining in Guldsmedshyttan (Sweden) was in operation already in the 1400’s, followed by cannons and cannon balls production during the 1500-1600’s (in Swedish the name “Guldsmedshyttan” means “The gold smith’s small cottage”). The modern history of Guldsmedshyttan started in 1868 with the foundation of a blast furnace.

  • 1979 - The Wind Industry is born

    During the late 70′s the wind industry was born, with the Danish Wind turbine manufacturer Vestas being the pioneer. Taking the “old” Vestas from agricultural engineering to the energy sector was a bold step in the West region of Denmark – but here the wind was always blowing ready to be harvested.

  • 1985 - Machine shop in Lem, Denmark was established

    With the growth within the wind industry, Vestas built a brand new large factory (approx. 30.000 sqm) in Lem (Denmark), dedicated to build wind turbines only. From here the first nacelle and blade factories were established on the Danish West Coast. Today, this first in-house machine shop is used as headquarter and machining factory of Global Castings.

  • 2002 - Purchase of the Windcast group

    Vestas bought the Windcast group in 2002 and four iron foundries in Norway, Germany and Sweden became part of the Vestas family. From this day Vestas was able to manufacture wind turbines from start to end – being in control of the full value chain and in this way kick started the quality journey within the wind industry by modernizing both facilities and processes.

  • 2006-2009 - Building new factories worldwide

    In order to manufacture and service the increasingly bigger wind turbines in a rapidly growing market, Vestas established several new production facilities worldwide, including both a Chinese Casting plant and a Chinese Machiening factory.

  • 2013 - The founding of Global Castings

    In October 2013 Vestas sells its two machining and four casting units, including around 1,000 employees in Norway, Sweden, Germany, China, and Denmark, to the fast growing, independent German industrial holding company “VTC Partners GmbH” and renamed “Global Castings”.

  • 2014 - New member of the Global Castings Group in Germany

    Global Castings entered into a majority Joint Venture with Norderland/Etanax Group. This allowed the facility in Stade to be incorporated into the Group. The facility with a capacity of 40,000 tons will offer castings, machining and metal finishing of up to 120 tons and with direct access to the North Sea offer shipments directly to off shore wind farms or other harboring facilities.


Global Castings offer a wide range of casted and machined products with weights of up to 120 tons. Global Castings is part of VTC which is a fast growing and independent industrial holding company. VTC currently owns five portfolio companies with a consolidated turnover of around EUR 650 million and more than 5,200 employees and was founded in 1992. All of the companies in VTC are financially and operationally independent, and VTC does not provide any central overhead functions.

Occupational Health, Safety, Environmental Protection & Energy Conservation (HSEE) Policy

Safety is our first priority.

Global Castings is committed to providing a workplace that is, as far as practicable, free from risk of injury and occupational illness and our work has the minimum impact practicable on the environment including from the use of energy sources.

We will do this by implementing the following work principles:

• All accidents are preventable.
• Safe behaviour by everyone is a critical element and is a condition of employment.
• Risks, with regard to all types of loss, will be identified, evaluated and where necessary mitigated.
• Prioritise prevention over cure.
• Management will lead the way and take responsibility.
• Optimize processes to reduce waste and energy consumption.
• Recycle and reuse as much waste as practicable.
• Comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Quality Policy

Global Castings is committed to delivering our customers’ definition of quality.
We work proactively with quality by controlling our processes to ensure a reliable supply of components of the right quality, at the right time and costs.

The Quality principles by which we work:

  • We deliver the customers’ definition of quality
  • We know that all defects can be prevented
  • We work proactively to prevent failures
  • We always establish the proper corrective actions
  • We continuously improve our processes
  • We are all accountable for quality!