China – Tianjin (Machining)

Business areas

Machining, metal finishing, and subassembly.

The facility

The production facilities of Global Castings (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was established by Vestas in 2008, started operations in 2009 and was further extended in 2011. The high performing equipment and standardized operating procedures ensures the uniform quality and stable deliveries, still allowing a high degree of flexibility. Facilities and equipment being at the highest technical level as well as staff is highly qualified and dedicated to customer satisfaction.


Capacity: 130.000 hours.
Factory: 30.000 m2.
Land: 54.000 m2.


Hubs, Base Frames, Shafts, Bearing Housings.


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001


14 PAMA CNC milling work centres

  • 5 Speeedram: max 5000x3500x1200 mm & 25.000 kg.
  • 5 Speeedram: max 5000x4500x1200 mm & 40.000 kg.
  • 4 Speedmat: max 3000x2000x2700 mm & 12.000 kg.

1 Tacchi Lathe Work centre
Centre height 900 mm, 1400×4000 mm & 25.000 kg.

1 Schaudt Flexgrind machine
Centre height 260 mm, 330×3400 mm & 1.200 kg.

Metal finishing

Global Castings (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. have in-house Surface Treatment (shot blasting, metallization and painting), all in air-conditioned facilities. In 2014 we started to introduce IR-drying and thereby further enhance quality of metal finishing according to C-Standards. The flow of material is based on Pull principles from Final Packaging trough the Surface Treatment factory and synchronized with the CNC-Workshop, ensuring efficient flow and short throughput times.


Global Castings has the ability to offer subassembly. The benefits are considerable for the OEM with reduction of inventory, management, and logistics savings. Global Castings has experience for example of assembling finished Hubs ready for shipment to site.


Global Castings (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. No. 97
Xinhuan Nan Street
Teda West Zone 300462

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