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The foundry in Guldsmedshyttan has been operating on the same location since the 15th century. Originally they were producing about 95% of the Swedish artillery and cannon balls. Over the centuries the foundry moved towards other customers and back in 1869 they introduced the, at that time, most advanced solution; a “blast furnace”. 95 years later, in the mid 1960′s, major investment were made at the foundry to introduce the blast furnaces successor, a number of “Inductotherm” furnaces. The original blast furnace were shut down in the early 1970′s after more than 100 years of faithful service. Guldsmedshyttan Foundry entered the wind market in the 1980′s and from 2004 to spring 2014 it was owned by Vestas Wind Systems. During the ten Vestas years, massive investments in both equipment and people transformed the old foundry into a fully modern company – which is now owned by Global Castings.


Capacity: 25 000 Tons per annum.
Industrial area: 440 384 m2, buildings approx. 20 000 m2.


Hubs, Base Frames, Shafts, Bearing Housings.


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001


Global Castings Guldsmedshyttan AB
71178 Guldsmedshyttan
Phone: +46 5814 5100
E-mail: info@globalcastings.com

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