New Product Introductions

The wind industry is demanding shorter product introduction cycles coupled with greater complexity to live up to customer demands. To satisfy this – and to maintain and exceed customer definition of quality – Global Castings has introduced the “Global Castings Way to Market” – a gate model which ensures seamless and robust market introductions based on the high standards of the automotive industry. Our cross functional Project Department ensures the model is worked correctly resulting in high safety and quality giving a clear cost overview and solid speed to market.

Patterns and new design

Global Castings has a Pattern Department with the specific aim to provide externally sourced patterns. From the traditional mould box technology involving standard squared construction, Global Castings created the innovative Rapid Thermal Transfer Mould Box. This new mould box is specifically designed for high volume products, resulting in rapid cooling together with significant reduction of costs of sand, resin, and binder. Global Castings has also developed systems specifically designed for transporting heavy duty goods – both by sea and by road.

Constant optimization of production time to keep customer costs down

Using LEAN in all productions and process made Global Castings improve lots of internal processes; i.e. to locate the surface treatment plants near the machining facilities. Using infrared drying technology allows Global Castings to ship the product already the same day as it is painted and by that cut down the total production time.